This is a bonus that a casino offers you to play with but you cannot withdraw the bonus amount. This basically means that you will receive free money to play with and once you reach the playthrough requirement, you can only withdraw any winnings that are over and above the initial bonus amount. The bonus money will be removed from your account when you make your withdrawal.

These casinos are generally very generous with their bonuses because of this reason, so you can end up playing with a really massive bankroll. Some casinos will offer you up to $3000 in bonuses alone. This means that you can play at the games with the maximum coins and bets giving you a far better payout ratio when you hit the big wins.

Sticky Type I Bonuses

All winnings from the bonus can be cashed out once you make a withdrawal from the casino. If the bonus is £100 and you win £50, you will technically have £150 in your account to play with. With this bonus, only the £50 you won will be available to withdraw.

Then the sticky type I bonus is removed from your account permanently. The good thing about sticky I bonuses is that you have the opportunity to use it to wager, thus increasing your chances of completing the wagering requirements successfully. Circus Casino’s bonuses are sticky type I bonuses.

Sticky Type II Bonuses

A sticky type II bonus is the same as a sticky type I bonus but the difference between them is thatthe type II bonus won’t be removed if you do withdraw. You can still use for wagering and can continue to use the bonus amount going forward to increase your chances of winning. Therefore sticky type II bonuses are more appealing than sticky I bonuses.