download (3)Rival Gaming was launched in 2006, making it about 10 years older than the oldest names in the online casino software business.  Rival Gaming sets itself apart from the competition by providing games and casino interfaces that are very attractive, including a special line of unique interactive slot machines called iSlots. Rival Gaming is one of the only casino software designers that also provides casino sites with a proprietary management system. Called Rival Backend, this system helps casinos with financial and technical reporting, security issues, and the management of affiliate sites.

Rival, a Black Chip Ltd. Company, is one of the leading developers of online casino software and has become hugely popular among casino players across the Internet. It was the launch of GIGSE 2006 that kicked off the success of the company and now they have over 100 unique games licensed by over 40 operators all over the world. All favorite casino games from video-poker down to slot machines are offered on the software.

One great advantage of the Rival software and platform is its easy navigation. Not everyone can be well-versed when it comes to computer applications and Rival knows this for a fact. If you are a user, you would want to have all the necessary functions available in a click or two, but nothing like a series of tabs and clicks. Rival boasts itself of their easy to use management system powered by Rival Back-end. This system allows players to access all the necessary features, especially their bonus information.

Another major advantage of Rival software is that its download version is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Usually download versions of most software providers is compatible only with Windows. Rival incorporates a large number of features into its software that make it one of the most player friendly online gaming applications. These features include tools such as real-time player history, simple to use promotions and cashier interfaces and an excellent VIP system. Rival allows players to wager with real money and play for fun as well.

As good as Rival’s player oriented features is its casino Management system. This is done through Rival Backend that includes applications like RivalPro, InTouch and IdentiPrint. RivalPro is a data management system that provides a wealth of information through custom made reports. It tracks all casino operations in real time and classifies customers into appropriate categories so that the efficacy of promotions can be maximized. Rival ClassAct ensures that bonuses and comp points are correctly and immediately awarded to players. InTouch enables communication through e-mail and PDAs and not only allows quicker access to information but enables quicker response to player queries. The RNG is certified by CertainKey. IdentiPrint fingerprints each device that is connected to its casinos and prevents fraud and bonus abuse.