Yet another great way to take advantage of the generosity that most online casinos offer these days are though weekly or monthly bonuses. The way these work are similar to how match bonuses work in that you will receive a certain amount on a percentage basis up to a certain maximum amount. For the most part you will only be eligible to claim this bonus once per month or period as set by the casino. Monthly and weekly bonuses are not available at all online casinos and do vary in size from one casino to the next so be sure to evaluate this before playing if it’s one of the criteria you set before you want to play.

This can be referred to as reload bonuses, deposit bonus or loyalty bonuses and basically you get a bonus on a monthly basis (for example) to keep you playing. None of the casinos on Casino Manual offer you this publicly but casinos such as InterCasino will offer you a monthly bonus dependent on your previous month’s activity. Normally monthly bonuses are not as high as welcomes bonuses but again, this is dependent on your activity.